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Statement of Values

Kingdom Reflections  Multi-Ethnic Worship Ministries

The purpose of worship- Worship is giving God the glory that he is due. Men and women were created at the beginning of time to worship God in his fullness and to enjoy him forever.

The place of worship- Because God is worthy of all worship, the expression of it extends beyond the mere playing of music in a corporate worship setting but rather incorporates the entirety of our lives in worship to him. The place of worship is our lives.

The expression of worship- Recognizing that God has made all people in his image, we believe that each culture holds a piece of his character and that together we see a more clear image of who God is. Therefore we strive to reflect God’s kingdom here on earth as we see it described in heaven with every tribe, tongue, and nation worshiping God with the gifts that he has given each people group uniquely. This reflection not only serves to bless God and others from that specific culture, allowing us to grow as a global worshiping community, but it also serves to teach us something about him.

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